Victor Caratini - Catcher
AVG: .200 -- HR: 0 -- RBI: 3
Windy City Warriors

Team: Windy City
2022 Team: Windy City
Throws: Right
Bats: Right
Born: Aug 17 1993
Age: 29

  • 2019: Rd 12 - Pick 3 by Pacific
  • 2020: Rd 10 - Pick 4 by Costa Mesa
  • 2022-03-18 : Traded from Costa Mesa with CM 2024 4th rounder, , Yoan Moncada, Casey Mize to Windy City for Yasmani Grandal, Reynaldo Lopez, SPA 2022 2nd rounder, SPA 2022 3rd rounder

    1Windy City San Gabriel00000000000000000
    2Windy City San Gabriel00000000000000000
    3Windy City Garyville00000000000000000
    4Windy City Sparks00000000000000000
    5Windy City Garyville00000000000000000
    6Windy City Sparks00000000000000000
    7Windy City Gotham00000000000000000
    8Windy City Konigsberg00000000000000000
    9Windy City Gotham00000000000000000
    10Windy City Konigsberg00000000000000000
    11Windy City Reno00000000000000000
    12Windy City Reno00000000000000000
    13Windy City Costa Mesa10000000000000100
    14Windy City Springfield00000000000000000
    15Windy City Costa Mesa51000101200000200
    16Windy City Springfield50000020000000100
    17Windy City Lake Tahoe00000000000000000
    18Windy City Lake Tahoe00000000000000000
    19Windy City Pacific00000010000000100
    20Windy City Fryburg00000000000000000
    21Windy City Pacific42000200200000100
    22Windy City Fryburg00000000000000000
    23Windy City San Gabriel00000000000000000
    24Windy City Garyville00000000000000000
    25Windy City Sparks00000000000000000
    26Windy City Gotham00000000000000000
    27Windy City Konigsberg00000000000000000
    28Windy City San Gabriel00000000000000000
    29Windy City Garyville00000000000000000
    30Windy City Sparks00000000000000000
    31Windy City Gotham00000000000000000
    32Windy City Konigsberg00000000000000000
    33Windy City Springfield00000000000000000
    34Windy City Lake Tahoe00000000000000000
    35Windy City Springfield00000000000000000
    36Windy City Lake Tahoe00000000000000000
    37Windy City Pacific00000000000000000
    38Windy City Fryburg00000000000000000
    39Windy City Pacific00000000000000000
    40Windy City Fryburg00000000000000000
    41Windy City Reno00000000000000000
    42Windy City Costa Mesa00000000000000000
    43Windy City Reno00000000000000000
    44Windy City Costa Mesa00000000000000000
    45Windy City Garyville00000000000000000
    46Windy City Sparks00000000000000000
    47Windy City Garyville00000000000000000
    48Windy City Sparks00000000000000000
    49Windy City Gotham00000000000000000
    50Windy City Gotham00000000000000000
    51Windy City Konigsberg00000000000000000
    52Windy City Konigsberg00000000000000000
    53Windy City San Gabriel00000000000000000
    54Windy City San Gabriel00000000000000000