Brandon Nimmo - Left Fielder
AVG: .347 -- HR: 8 -- RBI: 26
Del Mar Stallions

Team: Del Mar
2022 Team: Del Mar
Throws: Right
Bats: Left
Born: Mar 27 1993
Age: 28

  • 2018: Rd 7 - Pick 8 by Fryburg
  • 2019-03-08 : Traded from Fryburg with , German Marquez, Dansby Swanson, FRY 2021 1st rounder, FRY 2019 1st rounder to Del Mar for , Aaron Nola

    1Del Mar Costa Mesa42001121100000300
    2Del Mar Costa Mesa80000002200000300
    3Del Mar Springfield83200000200000200
    4Del Mar Fryburg123000010100010300
    5Del Mar Springfield73000012101000200
    6Del Mar Fryburg52001113100000200
    7Del Mar Pacific113000022310100300
    8Del Mar Windy City125400532101100300
    9Del Mar Pacific125102521300000300
    10Del Mar Windy City00000000000000000
    11Del Mar Gotham40000000300000200
    12Del Mar Gotham83010003200010300
    13Del Mar Canyon Gulch145020151500000300
    14Del Mar Garyville94000120100000200
    15Del Mar Canyon Gulch124200110400000300
    16Del Mar Garyville83101121400000300
    17Del Mar San Gabriel00000000000000000
    18Del Mar San Gabriel00000000000000000
    19Del Mar Konigsberg113100111310100300
    20Del Mar Sparks137101322400000300
    21Del Mar Konigsberg104010236301000301
    22Del Mar Sparks122001120410001300
    23Del Mar Costa Mesa00000000000000000
    24Del Mar Springfield00000000000000000
    25Del Mar Fryburg114010212400003000
    26Del Mar Pacific115111122200000300
    27Del Mar Windy City00000000000000000
    28Del Mar Costa Mesa00000000000000000
    29Del Mar Springfield00000000000000000
    30Del Mar Fryburg00000000000000000
    31Del Mar Pacific00000000000000000
    32Del Mar Windy City00000000000000000
    33Del Mar Garyville00000000000000000
    34Del Mar San Gabriel00000000000000000
    35Del Mar Garyville00000000000000000
    36Del Mar San Gabriel00000000000000000
    37Del Mar Konigsberg00000000000000000
    38Del Mar Sparks00000000000000000
    39Del Mar Konigsberg00000000000000000
    40Del Mar Sparks00000000000000000
    41Del Mar Gotham00000000000000000
    42Del Mar Canyon Gulch00000000000000000
    43Del Mar Gotham00000000000000000
    44Del Mar Canyon Gulch00000000000000000
    45Del Mar Springfield00000000000000000
    46Del Mar Fryburg00000000000000000
    47Del Mar Springfield00000000000000000
    48Del Mar Fryburg00000000000000000
    49Del Mar Pacific00000000000000000
    50Del Mar Pacific00000000000000000
    51Del Mar Windy City00000000000000000
    52Del Mar Windy City00000000000000000
    53Del Mar Costa Mesa00000000000000000
    54Del Mar Costa Mesa00000000000000000