AtBat and Innings Pitch Check - Goes through every player and checks if they have exceeded the At Bat and Inning Limit. The check adjusts for players with 130 at bats or more and pitchers with 50 innings or more with a 20% boost.

Stat Inputs - This check goes through each series played via the schedule and checks if stats are inputted. It simply sees if any Pitcher Wins or Losses are inputted. If so, the pass clears. If not, it will be alerted.

Wins/Losses Check - Ensures that the wins and losses recorded for each series via the schedule match the wins and losses given to pitchers in the stats.

Team Schedule Page
  • AtBat and Innings Pitch Check - CLEAN!
  • Stats inputted for all played series - CLEAN!
  • Wins/Losses Check (Schedule matching up with stats) - CLEAN!